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Pit walls mounting


«Slurry wall»

"Slurry wall" is the most reliable enclosing structure, has the maximum bending moment and allows you to perform the deepest pits. But the reverse side of the coin is its value. "Wall in the ground" - the most expensive technology of fencing pits.

Bored piles

For the device of bored piles in watered soils, drilling is performed under the protection of the casing pipe, well concreting occurs with the help of a raised concrete pipe, the last operation is the immersion of the reinforcement cage in the uncoated concrete. For the device of protections of ditches, as a rule, apply bored piles with a diameter of 600-1000 mm. rather high durability and rigidity of piles allows to develop under their protection ditches up to 15-20 m in depth. The use of bored piles significantly increases the duration and cost of construction and does not always provide waterproof walls of the pit due to the divergence of piles at great depths.

Protection of pits from soil-cement piles

In our opinion, the most effective for pits with a depth of 10-15 m in sandy soils is the fencing of pits from soil-cement piles by jet cementation technology (Jet Grouting).

Jet-grouting tecnology

This technology has advantages:

  • when the device of the pit in the flooded soils the fence of the jet columns is also a function of the grout curtain and protects against the entry of water into the pit;
  • high productivity (up to 150 p. m. per shift);
  • minimal impact on the surrounding buildings (no shock and vibration effects);
  • the ability to perform piles of pit fencing in cramped conditions, for example, at a distance of 300 mm from the wall of the building, as well as under the cantilever parts of buildings with the help of small drilling rigs;
  • the device of ground-cement piles with a diameter of 600-3000 mm.

For perception of bending moments piles are reinforced with metal pipes with a diameter of 114-273 mm or I-beams.

In terms of the enclosing structure can be made of different configurations: one row of tangent or detached piles, staggered, two rows for greater reliability, in the form of a gravitational wall.

A combined version of the device fencing pit of bored and soil-cement piles. The entire lateral load from the soil is perceived by bored piles, and ground cement piles are performed between bored piles and play the role of an anti-filtration veil.