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The essence of the technology of the device of anchor piles Atlant is the combination of drilling and cementation operations. Drilling is performed with special hollow drill rods Atlant, which remain in the anchor as a reinforcing element after drilling.

The rods have a screw surface and are connected to each other by means of couplings. The length of the rods is usually 3 m. also, the rods can have a length of 2 m and 1 m, such rods are used mainly for work in cramped conditions.

The diameter of the root anchors Atlant depends on the diameter of the drill bit and may be about 150-200 mm. the surface of the anchor piles has a tapered structure that provides a high bearing capacity.

When the device anchor pile technology of jet grouting pile diameter is 300-700 mm. In this case, increasing the bearing capacity of the pile in the soil.

Advantages anchors Atlant

  • High load-bearing capacity on the soil and material;
  • High productivity (100-200 p. m. anchor piles per shift);
  • The possibility of the device anchors in flooded soils without a casing;
  • Atlant rods are produced in Russia (in the Urals), which guarantees the minimum cost and delivery time to the facility.



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A modification of the Atlant technology is its combination with the technology of jet-grouting (jet-grouting) at a pressure of 20 MPa. This technology is called AtlantJET. To implement jet cementation, the drilling head is equipped with nozzles, and additional sealing elements made of aluminum are installed in the coupling connection. For preparing cement mortar and flow at the desired pressure necessary injection complex AtlantJET.

The main advantage of this technology is a significant increase in the diameter of the pile in comparison with the device of Atlant piles at low pressure.

Comparison of technologies shows that the use of jet cementation significantly increases the diameter of the piles. If the standard technology Atlant pile diameter is usually 150-200 mm, when using high pressure AtlantJET diameter is 400-700 mm.

The use of jet technology in some cases justified. Such cases include the arrangement of piles in weak soils, when the diameter of the pile should be increased to provide the bearing capacity, and other tasks the increase in the diameter of the pile is necessary to ensure the intersection of piles, for example, when creating technological screens between pits under construction and closely spaced buildings, etc.