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Специальная Строительная Техника

CCT company since 2004 makes the drilling tool and the equipment for works in the field of underground construction.

Today CCT manufactures a complete set of equipment for injection works, including works with the use of technology of jet cementation of soils - drilling rigs, mixing stations, pumps, silos for cement storage, drilling tools.

Experienced engineering staff, unique technological equipment allow to create new types of construction mechanisms for solving non-standard geotechnical tasks.

SST is the only Russian company which carries out not only supply of the equipment, but also makes commissioning and service works. The company has formed a staff of qualified specialists to go to the customer's site and train personnel to work with the equipment, as well as for consultations on the use of injection technologies.

Figaro Maschine drilling rigs, injection complexes Mini, and also the drilling tool for jet cementation of soils CCT production are successfully applied by the leading construction companies on objects in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Perm, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Ufa, Novosibirsk, etc.

Robotics is a new direction in the work of the company CCT. Now specialists of the enterprise developed modern radio-controlled cars on a caterpillar course with various hinged equipment. This high-tech equipment is successfully used at hazardous production facilities, which eliminates the possibility of harm to human life and health.

+7 342 258-42-02


История компании

The group of companies was founded in 2002 by Alexey Malinin. The main activity of Malinin group is the solution of various problems in the field of underground construction with the help of modern geotechnologies. The Malinin group of companies is a family business and unites several branches of underground construction: construction works, production of the special drilling equipment and soil anchors, development of the software for geotechnical calculations.