We sell special equipment for jet-grouting, boring pile construction, soil consolidation by injection.


We manufacture the following drilling equipment and tools: cement and air swivels, drill rods, adapters, monitors, cement and air nozzles, drill bits, individual products by client’s drawings and hard-alloy products.


We provide rental of special construction equipment.


We sell special construction equipment and tools for the following works:

- jet-grouting;

- ground anchor construction, including self-drilling anchors Atlant, Titan;

- underpinning;

- boring-injection pile construction;

- anti-karst measures.

Complete set of equipment for jet-grouting consists of a drill rig, high-pressure cement pump, high-efficiency mixing plant, cement silo with a transporting auger and water tank.

Drill rig, mixing plant and injection pump are necessary for injection works and ground anchor construction.

1-year guarantee is provided for all our products.

Our specialists are ready to carry out equipment installation and setup as well as staff training.