Drilling machine
Figaro Maschine FM 400

Drilling machine “Figaro Maschine FM400” is designed by specialists of ALTERRA GmbH (Switzerland) and OOO “CCT” (Russia) for the following types of special construction works:

  • Boring-injection pile construction;
  • Underpinning;
  • Jet-grouting;
  • Anchor construction, including self-drilling anchors “Atlant” and “Titan”. 

Figaro Maschine FM400 combines compact dimensions and high performance.

Drilling machine can be constructed in two variants: on frame or with crawlers.

The design feature of drilling machine “Figaro Maschine FM400” is a separate hydraulic power unit, that allows to use it for special works in different fields of underground construction.

Drilling machine height on frame is 2000 mm. It is very important for working in limited area.

Rotary head stroke is 1250 mm. It allows to use 1000 mm standard drill rods. 

Drilling machine “Figaro Maschine FM400” is equipped with a rotary head RH400, manufactured by “EuroDrill” (Germany).

Drilling machine is operated by hydraulic system, manufactured by leading Italian companies.

Technical characteristics:

  • Length/width/height – 1720x720x2000 mm
  • Rotary head – EuroDrill RH 400
  • Max. torque – 440 daNm (at 72 rpm)
  • Mast length – 2000 mm
  • Working stroke – 1250 mm
  • Engine by option:
       -  diesel engine Hatz 4L41С (Germany), 47 kW 
       -  diesel engine Д-243 (BTZ, Belarus), 57 kW
       -  diesel engine Д-144 (VTZ, Russia), 44 kW 
       -  electric engine 5А200М4 IP54 (VEMZ, Russia), 37 kW
  • lifting force/lowering force - 40/40 kN 

Diesel hydraulic power unit

Rotary head EuroDrill



Electric hydraulic power unit


Control panel




  • Drilling machine on frame – 480 kg
  • Hydraulic power unit – 1800 kg
  • Control panel – 70 kg