Mixing plant
MP-40/90 «Vortex»

Mixing plant MP-40/90 “Vortex” is designed for preparation of cement or cement-clay (cement-bentonite) grout with specified weight proportion of components for its further application in special construction works:

  • jet-grouting;
  • underpinning;
  • anchor construction, including self-drilling anchors “Atlant” and “Titan”;
  • boring-injection pile construction;
  • karst filling with cement-clay mix;
  • fissured rock cementation;
  • borehole drilling with bentonite (clay) drilling mud, etc.

 In case of installing injection pump GP 30 (Italy) or pump NB-3 (Russia), mixing plant turns into injection plant.

Turbo-pump, installed on mixing plant MP-40/90 “Vortex”, provides perfect grout mixing. Blades, continuously admixing grout, are installed in agitator tank. They prevent grout stratification and particle deposition. Minimum water-cement ratio is 0,4.

Technical data:

  • Mixer tank – 400 l
  • Agitator tank – 900 l
  • Max. capacity – 10 m 3/h
  • Total power consumption – 10,8 kW

Control panel


Load cells




 Slide gates

Weighting system


Dimensions and weight:

  • Width – 2160 mm
  • Length – 3000 mm
  • Height – 2550 mm
  • Weight – 1480 kg