About us

CCT (Special Construction Equipment) is quite a new company working in the field of geotechnologies, which are widely used in Russian building industry.

Our staff consists of mechanical engineers, constructors and repairmen from InzhProektStroy. We have been successfully carrying out maintenance works and repair of foreign drilling equipment for already 5 years.

Our clients are companies working in the field of underground construction.

Our company solves difficult tasks on designing and manufacturing new special equipment. According to technical characteristics our equipment can compete with foreign machinery and according to some parameters, taking into account Russian conditions (climatic conditions, working process on job-sites, cement quality, human factor), is even better.

CCT is one of few Russian companies, which manufactures and sells special drilling equipment and tools for the following works:

- jet-grouting;

- underpinning;

- boring pile construction (boring-injection piles, Atlant, CFA, Titan®, MiniJet®);

- anchor construction, including self-drilling anchors Atlant, Titan®;

- soil consolidation by injection;

- karst filling with cement-clay mix;

- borehole drilling with bentonite (clay) drilling mud, etc.

Our company also sells and provides rental of secondhand equipment of leading Italian manufacturers such as Tecniwell, IPC, MDT, Comacchio.